Talk about good timing. I shot these photos of my sister in laws family the day before I went into labor with our newest little buddy Keegan (Who is beyond cute btw! I've been planning everyday to take his newborn photos but my two year old has other plans that definitely do not involve letting mom take pictures)  I'll be taking some time off for the next few weeks (right in the middle of busy season for family photos!) so I'm glad I got to these photos just in time. Such a cute and classy looking family hey? 


This sweet princess is my newest niece Jade. She is such a blessing to all of us and is so, so loved. She is a preemie and was the sweetest little curl up in a ball, soft and squishy, perfect little poser, a photographer could ask for. She even gave me a few smiles every time I told her how pretty she looked!


Oh my little Harper I think I love you! This little guy is way beyond his years (or weeks I guess). A serious little fellow who you can just see has important stuff to say as he stares so intently into your eyes. SO cute it hurts! I have four weeks left til I can meet my little guy and doing Harper's photos got me more than a little impatient.:) Congratulations Cole and Telina you are both doing a great job at this parenting thing.

Carla and her family

Carla is a fellow (and very talented)  photographer over at Chocolate Tree Photography. We are due for our babies right about the same time so we decided a maternity shoot photo trade was a must! I am so glad we got these done. Just a quick late summer photo shoot at the park, so so worth it! I know it can be tough to fit photos into a busy schedule but capturing these moments in life is so important and something you'll never regret.

jace and his mamma

I met this sweet four year old and his mom last night at the wildlife refuge. He is all boy but had no problem taking time out from his rock collecting to snuggle his beautiful mamma for a few photos. SO cute!

impromptu photo shoots

I was hired to do a photo shoot down in Salem not too long ago. One hour and twenty minutes in the car by myself sounded awfully boring and since my sister Melea and niece Madison are the queens of car games (ya know like the ABC game?) so I invited them to come along with me for some company. I may have bribed them with a photo shoot on the streets of Salem to.;)

Steve & Nichole's red barn wedding

This beautiful wedding was a first for me in that the bride and groom chose to have that special first look at the altar rather than before the ceremony.  It worked out perfectly thanks to a cooperative family and wedding party we were able to get all the group shots that included Steve and Nichole quickly after the ceremony and before the reception. The day was beautiful the sky kept hinting at rain and there may have even been a few sprinkles here and there but I think the Lord held off on rain for us:). Nichole made a stunning and very classy bride. Both families and everyone involved made this day come together so beautifully. One of the most stress free and well planned weddings I have had the honor of shooting.  Congratulations Steve and Nichole! May God bless your future together.


Opening a special gift from his bride.


A picture perfect moment unposed and unplanned. A happy bride and a groom so in love with his new wife.