the "h" family

Met up with this beautiful family at the wildlife refuge a few weeks ago to shoot photos of each family and of course the big family photo. I have known all these great siblings for many years and was honored to capture this stage of life for them. Greg and Carmelle you raised some great kids and I have loved watching your family grow through the years. 

john and naomi

John and Naomi got married on a slightly wet and blustery day. Naomi was a bride who had her priorities straight though, she wasn't phased a bit by the weather. All she had on her mind was the main event, the marriage! She smiled and glowed happiness the whole day and her groom couldn't keep his eyes off his beautiful bride. The wedding was planned out perfectly especially all the details that make an event extra special. A gourmet coffee bar, a touching memorial to her late father, delicious treats made with love by her and her family, so many beautiful handmade touches everywhere. Congratulations to the new family John, Naomi and Rylee!

family of 5

I have shot photos for this sweet family for the past few years, I have loved watching these girls grow and of course meeting sweet baby brother Max. 
We met for photos around officers row in Vancouver which has no shortage of great spots for photos. Hope you love your sneak peek Nikki!

endless summer

It's been a good summer, hot, dry, full of gorgeous golden light. Kids playing in sprinklers, bbq's, collecting chicken eggs every morning, lots of afternoon cuddles, swing set playing, melty popsicles, many days spent at Grammy's pool, birthday celebrations, fishing trips, get togethers with the ones we love, fresh picked berries, and plenty of adventure.
 My two youngest may have enjoyed our backyard chickens the most. Piper loves to help collect eggs (most of which do not make it safely in the egg box in the fridge) and Keegan could sit and watch the chickens run around all day. I wanted to freeze this moment in time with them.

Mr. and Mrs. B

I adore weddings and this one did not disappoint. Beautiful weather, happy gorgeous couple, tons of loved ones there to support, great food, stunning venue, it all came together to make for one of the best days of Brant and Crystal's life. I was so honored to have a front row seat to the day ( I love my job)!

 Had to include a photo of these fabulous personal attendants who made the day flow smoothly.
The perfect day ended with a beautiful sunset and happy goodbyes and congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. B