a wedding in paradise

Well sit back and get comfortable you may be here awhile. I think this post wins the record for most photos in one post on this blog. Guess that's what you get when its you baby sisters wedding, the last of us sisters to get married. Every moment felt so special and I got to capture it all. I have had a few people mention that I missed out on the guest experience because I had a job to do. I kinda agreed at first. But I have realized I was so blessed to be chosen as the photographer! I was there for every second of the day and got to witness all the behind the scenes moments that most guests miss. My new brother in law with tears in his eyes as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time (sorry Chance to let out that you are a softie but it was an awesome moment!), sweet friends delivering Starbucks to the beach during Chance and Melea's early morning portraits, Melea enjoying her last morning as a single woman just relaxing with Mom and Dad on the porch, nieces seeing their stunning auntie dressed as a princess and just being in awe of it all, last minute panic over missing rings, and a reception area that couldn't be set up until 10 minutes before the wedding because our tablecloths being whipped around by the wind...every moment, good, stressful, peaceful, full of love, prayer, and family. It was an amazing day and I'm sure Melea and Chance wouldn't trade it for the world. Oh and did I mention the wedding was held in Mexico on the beach?? Like the title of this post it was absolutely a wedding in paradise.

portraits in the snow

Whew...is anyone else breathing that sigh of relief, exhaustion and contentedness? My busy season is over, as well as Christmas, New years and all that comes with those holidays.
 We enjoyed an awesome Christmas away this year in Sunriver, Oregon. One whole week of sleeping in, amazing meals made by amazing family, late night conversations by the fire (and in the hot tub), playing in the snow, ice skating, family time, and fun. I brought my camera with (which is something I don't normally do on vacation) and captured a few of my gorgeous family members on camera. Creative shooting, no pressure, just for the fun of it. I so need that just for the fun of shooting occasionally.