hadley joy

I was so blessed to go visit my niece Ally and meet miss Hadley Joy last weekend. Ally's second baby and first girl. She is such a sweet relaxed little love. She cuddled up in her moms amazing fur comforter and let me take as many photos as I pleased.


So these photos may not be super recent but they are still super cute. Jolene always has the most creative ideas for her boys photo shoots. Since these would be for Christmas cards I decided to wait a little while before blogging them because I for one love to keep my photos under wraps before I send out cards. So Merry (late) Christmas from these sweet boys!

I'm dreaming

Well we were dreaming of a white Christmas...didn't happen this year but maybe next hey? 
Me and Sylvs were cleaning up our Christmas decor and we came across this fake snow in our Christmas village. She stuck on a hat and scarf, we gathered up the snow in grocery bag and headed outside. Love that this girl enjoys photo shoots as much as her mother.

the more the merrier

I met this big happy family in the park one wet, cold, wet,  December day (did I mention it was wet?). As luck would have it the rain stopped and some beautiful golden sunlight showed itself in the last few minutes of the shoot so at least a few got to take advantage of the sun. We spent most of the shoot tucked away from the rain on a pretty little trail surrounded by trees so it all worked out in the end and I was able to capture a great photograph of each family.
 Do you have a large family with grandchildren and spouses added in the mix? I am working on a extended family shoot package and I would love to hear from you to see how much interest I could get in a shoot like this! Every family group gets their own family photo and there is time for plenty of individuals and of course one shot of the entire family.


Aaron & Barbara 2015

We tromped on out to Barbara and Aaron's backyard one grey wet day and snapped some sweet family photos. Mud, puddles, rubber boots and fallen trees, a perfect spot for these three boys (and of course their dog hope).

justin & tristi

Way back when we had sunshine and warmth and a few colors in the sky besides gray, grayer and grayest, I took these photos of my sisters family. Beautiful family, sweetest kids!

casey and chelsie

Great light, beautiful location (East Fork Tree Farms in Ridgefield) and a adorable family. All the makings of a successful photo shoot. Chelsie and Casey are the sweetest parents to their precious baby boy. I had a great time on this shoot!