rub a dub dub,

Three men in a tub, 
And who do you think were there? 
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, 
And all of them gone to the fair!

We attempted this whimsical little photo shoot last Sunday. I say attempted because photographing five babies (two of which are mobile) is not an easy task! But with this many cute cousins you are bound to get a few precious photos.

3.5 months

Seriously? Little boy you already have my heart no need to go and melt it into a puddle. Actually it's ok buddy melt away;). Enjoying this boy each and every day. 


Baby Jade's three month (closer to four months) photos were so fun to take. This little dolly knows what she wants and had no problem letting me know which poses she loved and which ones she was not a fan of. Doesn't she look like a little angel in all that cream and flowers?

Chase, Dara & Rory

. Love this sweet family and my cutie nephew Rory is always fun to photograph!


It's been a busy and fun December! Between photo shoots, babies, homeschooling, and all the usual Christmas prep I have been going non stop and loving it. 
I did these fun themed photos for my friend Jolene and she of course went above and beyond making a giant snowflake for a backdrop, stringing lights and setting up this adorable tablescape. We had so much fun with these photos.

tree farm

Max is the newest member of this sweet family. I have had the pleasure of shooting photos of these girls since Aubrey was just a baby. His Mom hired me to so a newborn shoot (and wanted a few photos with his sisters as well). My newborn package has plenty of time so after getting what we could of baby Max in my studio setup we headed a few minutes down the road to the Tree Wisemans Christmas tree farm. Love these sweet Christmas-y shots.

sweet family photos

Look at that little Miss! Even her temper tantrums are adorable;). Love this sweet family and looking forward to many more family shoots in the future.