Baby girls are always fun to photograph and this little sweetie was no exception. Just love all that pink, ruffles, and lace. Sweet Hadessah, you are just lovely.


I love this first photo showing that a new baby in this family is always exciting, a blessing, a joy and most of all loved, whether they are the first, second, third or even eighth! Lila May you were a joy to photograph. 


I may be living vicariously through this girl as I wanted to do ballet so badly when I was younger. She loves it though so I promise I didn't force her to do ballet just for the photo opportunities. Cute as they are. 

this little bunny

Over six years ago I was pregnant for my first baby, a sweet, smart boy we would name Kasen. My mother in law and I had so much fun setting up a beautiful nursery. It was such an exciting (and slightly scary) time. I had no idea that a few short years later I would be having my fourth and the thought of decorating a nursery would be the farthest thing from my mind. With four kids in a three bedroom house you just stick a crib in a corner in your room and call it good.
  We painted the walls the perfect blue, searched far and wide for rugs and a comfy rocker. We bought his crib bedding at Pottery Barn and on our way up to the register my mother in law spotted this sweet little cream bunny and threw it in with our purchases. If I had known how much love, washing machine rides, sick baby cuddles, and kisses this little bunny would get over the next six years I may have thought more of the importance of this purchase, My kids have never been attached to blankies or any other stuffed animals but all four of them have loved on (and left their mark on)  him. Here is to many more years and snuggles with this little bunny.

growing family

One of my favorites things about my job is being able to document families and children as they grow. I first met Laura and Bryan over three years ago when they were expecting their first baby boy. Now they are excitedly getting ready to meet baby boy number two! We met up at a beautiful old library on a sunny spring like day and captured some great memories. Their boy Ronan is full of life and energy and I had fun chasing him around the library grounds, though in hindsight it was not a great day to wear heels (that little guy is fast!). 
Congratulations Bryan and Laura I am so excited to meet your newest little man!

when your two

Most of the time life is busy, so so busy. I feel like I can hardly keep up. Kids go from cooing babies, to busy always underfoot two year olds, to tall 1st graders in the blink of an eye. Some days I sit back and look at the whirlwind of life swirling around me and think what happened!? I've just barely started this journey called motherhood why are these kids growing up on me already? And some days I follow them around with my camera. No props or pretty new outfits, no special locations just kids being kids and playing. They have no pretensions and are not looking to impress anybody. This photo of my Piper Jane speaks to me. Tells me "slow down Mama, I will not be two forever, someday I will put my own shoes on, someday you will not trip over me every time you turn around, someday I will not wrap my small arms around your neck and cling on for dear life, someday I will buckle my own seat belt and read my own bedtime story, someday I will be all grown up." 
Though this littles stage comes with challenges and exhaustion I just want to learn how to always savor the sweetness.


I am a great aunt for the second time! I fell in love with this handsome little man in the few short hours I got to see him. Just enough time to snap a few photos and of course he was a little pro.