I LOVE Christmas....the smells (evergreen, sugar cookies, cold crisp days) the sounds,(Christmas music,sleigh bells jingling) the sights,(lights twinkling,a fresh snowfall)....well granted I have a fake tree so the evergreen is from a candle,I'm not sure I've ever heard sleigh bells jingling and it rarely snows around Christmas here but hey a girl can dream. I really do love christmas though I'm one of those people who would put up the tree before thanksgiving if my husband would let me. I could listen to Christmas music all day (again if my husband would let me...he doesnt quite share my obsession with the season). I just feel like its such an awesome reason to celebrate! OUR SAVIOR IS BORN! "Praise be to the God of Israel, because he has come and has redeemed his people." luke 1:68notice I already have a few cards on my card tree...props to Marilyn for sending them out early ( maybe shes a bit like me:)

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