Stenersen Christmas

gift exchange
Grammy and Aunties love to give Kasen candy and hes not complaining!

His favorite gift a book:) maybe he will be like his Momma...I love this pic he actually looks like hes engrossed in the story.

the Knitters. Everybody was learning how to knit so Christmas eve and Christmas day everyone gathered in the family room and knitted and knitted and knitted...So cozy:) We had a wonderful Christmas and are so thankful for family food and of course Christmas presents. My mother in-law got me a professional blender I've been eyeing for quite awhile now. So keep an eye out for smoothie recipes as I experiment with my new toy:) Kasen got spoiled from grammys and aunties...luckily because me and Collin got him a hat and a sweater not very exciting gifts for a four month old. If I wouldve known how he was going to react to his gifts I probably would've gotten him some more toys! He LOVED them his eyes got wide, drool started pouring out his mouth,little arms and legs started flying as he let out joyfull little squeals. It was pretty adorable. I've always said I would NEVER spoil my children and they would NOT have a ton of toys...hopefully I can stick to that!

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