I just shot kasens six month photos along with brielles 3 1/2 month pics. We had a blast at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge lugging around two babies and a giant amount of props (luckily we had my little sis Dara there to help us).I think a few bird watchers werent to happy with us for disrupting the peace (sorry guys) but we got some great shots! Kasen just started sticking his toungue out constantly so most of his pics its hanging out but thats ok its his personality I guess..kinda silly like his Daddy. Brielle was sweet as usual,couldnt really coax a big smile out of her but thats ok. We went for a really vintage theme and I loved how it turned out.


Tristi said...

Awwww- LOVE these!! they are both so precious, and I love that toung poking out!

mimi charmante said...

You really have to stop with the gorgeous baby photos~ With four already, I don't need to be looking at beautiful babies - especially girl babies! :)

Thanks for visiting my site! You are an incredibly talented photographer and I will be visiting your site to try and absorb some of your skill~

Happy Spring,