farfalle with zucchini...this looks so good to me right now! The perfect summer meal:)..now if only summer was not so far away..oh well I will pretend.I think I will make it for lunch sometime soon (my husband is not a pasta fan and would probably faint if I tried to serve him dinner without meat in it!) click here http://thepioneerwoman.com to get this recipe and many more...I'm addicted to checking her blog shes got the best recipes and photography tips! Check it out...by the way did I mention I've been quit (smoking) for over a week!!!Just thought I'd throw that bit of info in there:) I'm proud of my self (and my hubby) hes going on a month now

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Tristi said...

oh my word- thanks for this link!! my new favorite recipe site! I made her lasagna tonight and it was soooo yummy!! I'll be making some other recipes soon- that olive cheese bread is on my list, ha ha!