my friend Sylvia

ok here goes..cringe...I don't know why I am sharing this on here if its so embarrassing but I've been blogging for awhile and maybe its time to open up a little more..soo ahem well, awhile back when Myspace was still my addiction I thought I needed to change my profile name to something cool edgy and charming. Rather than just boring old SHARLA. I happened to be in Mexico at the time and as I was wracking my brain trying to think of something my dearest friend Sylvia popped in my some of you may know Sylvia she is beautiful (like supermodel beautiful), hilarious,witty sometimes a little crazy and very sweet. She is always coming up with weird phrases, jokes and insults ( I once heard her call someone a pad-licker) Which I now realize is disgusting but at the time it was funny. Anyways I had heard her say this phrase, I had no idea what it meant but I thought hmm I'm in Mexico it sounds Mexicanish (yeah that's probably not a word) that'll work. So I typed it out and pushed save face is red as I type this just so you know...Well the name was on there for a few days and all was well nobody commented on it (maybe they didn't now what it meant either, I can only pray) until Sylvia sent me a private message informing that the name was a very dirty sex act, so dirty in fact I cannot bring myself to type it on here (call me a prude I don't care). I hastily changed it and in my haste I'm not sure I even sent her a thank you for so kindly informing me of my myspace gaffe. So Sylvia if you ever read this THANK YOU for caring:) Anyways just felt the need to get that off my chest...I would love it if you would share an embarrassing moment with me (it would make me feel so much better cause I have plenty more where that came from).I really hate to post without a photo but for the life of me I cannot think of an appropriate one for this story:)

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Anna said...

hehe! go you for being so open & thanks for the good laugh!;)