sugar free tuesday...

I love this from Lola B's A sugar free day. I think she got it from Oprah. A day in which we moms can tell it all without the sweet candy coating...k I'll give it a try.

1. When I eat lunch I put Kasen for a nap even if hes not that tired so I can eat in peace

2.I've replaced my nicotine addiction with caffeine and blogging.

3. Sometimes I lie to my hubby and tell him I have to go to "the bathroom" when Kasens crying just so I can have a few minute break.

4.Kasens usually to the point of very stinky before I give him a bath.

5. I secretly think my son is the cutest and smartest baby that has ever been...hehe k maybe that ones not a secret :)


Karen said...

haha!! these are awesome & fun to read:D i might have to do this too:D

Tristi said...

lol, ya I've done these all at least once!! specially the bath thing! Brielle gets a bath once or twice a week, poor girl!

Anna said...

hehe! i'm guilty of #5;)

Kasey said...

love it.