This umbrella is my Grandmothers I was so excited for a chance to use it in a photo shoot

Isn't she just precious? I love that curly little mop. I nannied for this little cutie for a few years (Back in the day before I had my own little mess maker) she is also my niece. I have a soft spot for Janay.She is very shy. Which reminds me so much of how I was as a child. There's something about a quiet person that just draws me maybe its only because I understand but I think its deeper than that. There's something very powerful about a quiet persons words.You know when they speak up its for a reason. They don't usually waste their words so when they do share something its usually pretty profound. I watch Janay and can see in her eyes that she is just taking the world in and really truly learning and examining the things around her. I can bet you not a lot gets by her unnoticed!

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