one wet baby

This is what happens when you have a baby who is fascinated with showers and a daddy who is sick of taking said baby out of said shower. We have a large walk in shower that does not have a door. Kasen thinks climbing in the shower and throwing shampoo bottles is a blast, so sometimes while I'm getting ready I'll let him play around in there. I usually never let him play in the bathroom while me or Collin is showering because of course it is a pain in the bum to keep jumping out of a nice warm shower to pick him up and move him. But today I got busy and left Kasen crawling around while Collin was showering and this is what I came back to! OK hubby lesson learned:)

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Karen said...

hahahaha!! how cute:D love the first one where he looks so happy & wet, usually not 2 combinations my baby likes!