photo challenge

Here's a little photo challenge from Kasey at Lola B's. Moments that define you, photos of you (or someone else) that show who you are. Of course a few photos cannot define someone but they can show a little glimpse of someones life because a picture really is worth a thousand words ;)
P.S. As I'm writing this I'm listening to a sermon that's really putting things into perspective..WOW! check it out on Church on the Rock's website its the sermon called "The cup poured out" by Brad Wuori


Kasey said...

I love these.
you have talent girlie.

Tara said...

I love the perspective of these photos and that little one is too precious! nice job on the photo challenge!

Karen said...

so cute! & love the idea!! i want to do it but no my camera is broken:( hoping for a new one that shoots much better pix for my bday. we'll see tom if i get it:) wish i had more photo talent like you:)o & ya!! didn't brad's sermon just rock?! not kidding i was on fire all day after it!!