Summer Beauty & Boutique day

I'm almost ready for the sale on Saturday.This is just the stuff me and my sis-in-law have done.Donna S and Sarah W will be selling delicious bakery and there will be a few more crafts but mainly it is a day to be pampered..ahhh if only I didn't have to be the one doing the pampering (maybe I might have time to sneak in a mani -pedi;)...hope to see you there.
p.s Im sorry I used the word (words) mani-pedi. It will not happen again.I promise.


mimi charmante said...

This all looks fabulous! Your day looks like it was a LOT of fun~

Marissa said...

These Spa and Boutique days y'all do..are they for any particular cause or are they planned as an excuse to hang out with friends?

You're all so talented with crafts and everything! Everything is presented so beautifully! Wow!