1st giveaway

k here goes...my first giveaway! Write a comment below this post and you will be

entered to win a free photo shoot,including all editing and a FREE high res. CD of all

your images to print where you wish:) You don't have to come up with anything witty

or cool (unless you want to) I never know what to say for giveaways:)

prize must be used before dec. 09
withing reasonable driving distance to Ridgefield WA

drawing will be held sat. evening july 18th
check back here to see who won as I will not be emailing the winner.
Good luck!


sylvia soderholm said...

I was hoping for a trip to China and a free stay in the Alps, but a photoshoot will do!!
can you schedule me in September???
I'm SO EXCIIITED!!! The garden gnomes are dancing for me...yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Jana said...

k so i live 2 hours away but Ill do the driving! good luck to everyone!! Thanks Sharla!

Brooke salmi said...

oohhh, I hope I win!!! I would LOVE to have you do a photo shoot of my family! Thanks, Sharla...what a fun idea & so generous of you!

Jolene said...

Yay! I want it! Only problem is the field I wanted to take pics in is being baled as we speak...or as I type. Dang it! Hmm well if I'm lucky I'll have to find another field or wait till it grows back.
Keeping my fingers crossed =)

Telina said...

Count my name in :) What made you decide to do this? Well its awesome either way....you do such a great job!!! Very talented!

Christa said...

Pick me pick me!! I wanna be the winner!!;)

Carmen Questad said...

OK, now THIS I would LOVE to get!!! I would love to get a family picture and rarely do because it is usually too expensive! I would also do the driving to Ridgefield. You do such a great job with your photography! I'm always impressed when I see your work!

P.S. said...

Pick Meeee! or that is to say pick Emoriiii!!!I am the grandma so I guess I can brag...He would make a awesome little model!

Liv Wilson said...

what? did sylvia win or is that just her comment? id like to win too. so maybe i will:)
i love your blog, i check it out every now and then just to look at the pictures :)youre so talented!

Sharla said...

stephanie L

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, I want to win this. I never get my kids pictures taken and this would be a reason why I have to! Let me be the big winner!

sarah said...

ok so seriously i think i should be the lucky winner....keaton has not had one professional pic taken of him since we did all the boys at julies (i have no 3 month, 6 month and so on!!) Broke as can be and i am a very sucky photographer:) You would be my bestest friend forever if i got this and u did his 1 yr pics....I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jewels said...

ooooohhh sharla! so fun! i would luv for you to do a photoshoot for me!! what a fun thing! luv your new stuff to your site. luv u!