hello lover...

Is it weird that I have five pairs of tall brown boots sitting in my closet waiting to be worn and all I can think about are these lovelies?
man I wish these ones weren't discontinued:(

I think boots to me are like that perfect, elusive shade of lipstick to some woman...I LOVE them and I am always on the lookout for that one pair that go perfect with a cute summer dress,a pair of jeans or a winter outfit. Only five more days to go until my shopping trip (as my reward for quitting smoking) now lets hope I can practice some self control and not spend it all on shoes;)


Marissa said...

I love this! I've never met you in person, but little things like this show me a bit of who you are..

Have a BLAST on your shopping trip! You definitely earned it! Quitting smoking was the longest, most difficult battle I personally ever faced ..so GO AND ENJOY!!

Jolene said...

You're funny! I love the first pair...way cute!But 5 pairs in your closet? DANG...lucky =)