Raili Style

Here's some of the MANY photos I just took for my friend Raili she is in the process of starting a personal styling/online boutique. Unfortunately her sites not up yet otherwise I would put a link up but the website will be railistyle.com. She has such a cool sense of style and buys good quality clothes with affordable prices.I love everything shes sent me and wish I could buy it all!Hope you enjoy the photos:)







this will be part 1 of 2 cause I have too many photos to share!


Tristi said...

Awesome pics! I love the one of Chalandra in the chair!

Junque Couture said...

I was going to ask who the beautiful girls were..one is Alison...I think and the other is Chalandra- as in Weiser? Wow she ahs grown up! very pretty!

Jen said...

Sharla, I think fashion photography is your niche! Great job!

Karen said...

wowsa girl!! LOVE THEM!! i totally agree with jen & think this just might be an area you STAR in:D

Jasmine said...

Raili has always had the best style! And Sharla, my word I can never get over how talented you are. I wish I had any reason to have pictures taken at all, you're sooo good!

Jaycee said...

WOW!! These have such a neat flair to them. Great job-as usual.