My nephew Walker...hes quite a character he kept me entertained throughout our photo shoot. He loves to make people laugh and is quite good at it especially considering hes only three.We went into town for a hot hot day of taking pictures.Our first location was beautiful, a stream with lots of greenery it looked like a painting but for some reason I am a lot more into the urban look for these photos. Maybe its Walkers cool big kid outfit.
Checking out his new kicks;)

We stopped by the fire station and a very nice, generous,(and cute) fireman let Walker climb all over the truck and use a helmet. He kept offering us props it was sweet.
0731_6947 typical boy


0731_6961 lucky kid got to end the shoot with ice cream...he deserved it. IT WAS HOT!


Jana said...

these are so great. what a super nice firefighter. Dang is that a handsome kiddo holy model status!! what's up with you having such gorgeous nieces and nephews,and your little one too!!!! :P

Karen said...

sharla! these turned out awesome!! that is the coolest thing that you got some of him at the fire station:) he is way too cute!! probably going to have you do talon's after he turns 3. probably sept sometime. now i'm really looking forward to seeing how they turn out:D

Anna said...

my-oh-my is he CUTE!!! and awesome photos sharla!

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Darling! This must be Barbara's little guy? She have her baby yet and WHY haven't you taken photos of her pregnant belly yet??;)