This boy loves. this. girl. alot. at least thats what I see in these photos,


the way he looks at her just makes me melt! As I sit here editing I can't help but sigh every few minutes. They are the cutest couple and I cannot wait to shoot there wedding this fall.
0808_7906 Something about them reminds me of me and Collin in our dating days (pretty much our entire teenage lifes). Maybe its the height difference;) or the fact that Wesley is Collins cousin.

I just can't hep but remember driving in the thunderbird with Collin nowhere to go just talking, or movie marathons, hanging out in Elmers parking lot, being together all day and all night and not ever getting bored with each other.
there's nothing like the last few months leading up to your wedding...everything ahead of you. You dont know what the future holds but you dont care as long as your together.
as usual I love the details:)


Jana said...

you capture them so well! they are so sweet. AWWWWW...the details in all your pics make them outstanding!!!

Jolene said...

Just as beautiful as usual. Still trying to find the perfect wagon for a photo shoot with my boys. Looks like it will be more of a fall photo session, but we'll see.

The Whispering Creek House said...

Very nice Sharla!

Anna said...

aw, so aweet. love em'

Jen said...

The last photo with hands is my VERY FAVORITE!

Melisa Stenersen said...

These pictures are amazing. They capture their love so well. You are right about how looking at these takes you back to when you were dating. It reminds me of the days when Kenneth and I were dating and how it felt.