not sure of the photographer of this photo...if anyone knows let me know:)

So I realize everyone has moved on from summer to fall. If not with the weather in

there minds at least:) but the last of these hot summer days have got me thinking

(well actually Michelle Branch's song "Summertime" has me thinking). The lyrics in

part of the song go "kids are playing in the backyard now catching fireflies in a

jar". It brought memories rushing back of humid summer nights growing up on the east

coast. We would catch fireflies in our hands.Stare at them blinking back at

us....Than we would smear them on our jeans and make glowing streaks all over our

legs. Gross I know but kids do weird things. So I kept on thinking about this, how

the bugs were so beautiful and magical at night but during the day they were just

ordinary bugs. At night the smears would glow on our jeans and they looked really

cool but during the day it would just be nasty smeared bug guts on our clothes.I

started thinking about my life and how there were things that looked nice in some

lights but they are really just nasty smeared bug guts. Maybe superficial things

like sometimes my house looks nice and clean at night before I go to bed but in the

bright light of morning I see the crumbs on the floor or the sticky hand prints

covering everything. Or maybe more real things like the motives of some of the

things I have done like expressing sincere concern for someones situation but in

reality if a brighter light was shown on my heart it might be shown I really just

want to know "the dirt" and after hearing it am I really going to disrupt my easy

life to go and get my hands dirty to lift this person up? Or maybe when I can't go

volunteer here or there because my son or husband needs me. My reasoning looks

sincere but in reality I'm not giving them my quality time its just an excuse. I am

not legalistic I swear but I feel like sometimes its time to be bold in our own

life's and examine our own hearts and motives. Just to make sure we aren't disguising

nasty bug guts as something pure and beautiful ya know:)
samuel 16:7 says
Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.
I know for myself I'm a little too worried about the outward appearance how things look."did I say this or that right" even now I'm worried at how this post sounds! I don't want to sound judgemental and I hope everyone can see this is something that God revealed to me about my life I am posting it cause maybe theres someone out there like me who could benefit from it:)


Tristi said...

Awesome post! You made me think :o) Its amazing how we can lie to ourselves without even realizing it- "I'm doing that for this reason", ect. And then later we see the truth or see our reasoning in a different light. How deep is Satans reach when we can't even see it without Gods pure and Holy light!

Jaycee said...

So true Sharla! Amen. Hey I remember doing that with ya'll at Grandma's duplex. BTW did you take that picture cause it's great!!

Anonymous said...

All i can say is THANK GOD for the times he shows us that our hearts and lives arent all clean and neat.. i actually love these moments when I can see God working to make our hearts pure! Matthew 5:8 God bless those whose hearts are pure for they shall see God.

Out in the Fields said...

That is a great thought to take with me through the day! I want to be true in every aspect of my life, not just in some lights.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honesty and openness very refreshing but also challenging for almost everyone I would guess... it is for me. It is all about the heart and that's what the Lord looks at ... we can't hide anything from him even though we can almost make ourselves believe the reason that we are doing something is noble. He sees right through and when his light shines in all the real motives are revealed. And even after seeing all the darkness the Lord still loves us and is calling us into an ever closer walk with him. So lets just open our hearts completely to him and he will change us from the inside out.

Marisa said...

Awesome Sharla!! Thanks for being real and reminding me to walk in integrity in everything I do. By the way I remember smearing those bugs on my arms, legs etc with all the cousins!!


Anonymous said...

Good word, Sharla! And for the record: it didn't come out judgmental at all, but sincere and introspective..