For the first time in months I'm.BORED.I would like to say it feels good but no it just feels boring. The gifts are wrapped and waiting, the house is clean, dinner doesn't need to be started for awhile,cookies are baked and in the freezer and Kasen is quietly enjoying a snack. Why oh why am I not happy with just sitting around I always feel I need a billion and one things to do. Hmm... well I have been taking advantage of this boredom by going through some old photos. Its crazy how my work has changed over the years. I used to be a chronic over editor I was not happy until my photos had been photo shopped into submission until they were unrecognizable to the original photo....just take a look...
My little sis Melea who now looks much much older

naycostume 088
Janay,she is my niece and I took countless photos of her back in the day. I used to babysit her and her brothers and I would always be doing practice photo shoots with them

emoryjude 235
aww Emory Jude.This was my first newborn photo shoot and I fell in love with newborn photography right then and there:)

Another one of Janay:)

Looking back on these photos bring backs so many memories. I'm sure very different from the memories of parents looking back on there kids photos! For me I remember how unsure of myself I was, how I had this image in my mind of what a photographer was and I could not think outside of that box. I struggled so hard with using backdrops.I thought I had to because that's what a photographer did. I did not realize the amount of skill and lighting that went into a studio. I was too unsure of myself to let people know what I was good at so I constantly got into situations that would be hard for a seasoned pro to shoot in much less someone just starting out.I would look back at my photos and be so disappointed they did not look like a mall studios. I guess if there's a point to this post it would be (A) figure out what you are good at and what you LOVE to do and focus on that. If others don't like your style that's fine there will be people who do;) (B) Thanks to everyone who let and will be letting me shoot there photos! I am not near where I would like to be as a photographer but with every photo shoot I like my work more and more and get so excited about what I get to do for people!


Karen said...

you are amazing sharla:) i remember the 1st time you did our photos..remember it got sooo dark out you had to use flash? i could tell you were not happy with that. its so neat to see how far you have come! & to think..this time next yr you will be even better!! you do an amazing job & you were a destined photographer:) btw..just wait..after baby girl shows up you won't get to enjoy boredom anymore. so enjoy it now..promise..i would love to say i was bored:) love you!

Out in the Fields said...

I think you are exactly right to do the kind of photography that is your style not try to do studio stuff which is so much more common anyway! I love your stuff and hope to see a lot more in the years to come.