Christmas Eve Eve

It's almost here!Christmas Day! I can feel the excitement in the air...I truly believe its the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe I am an optimist but this year I didn't notice to many Grinch's out and about. I had to buy a TON of groceries from Winco tonight and that is an experience even on a quiet shopping day! Of Course tonight it was packed. There were cart traffic jams everywhere. But everywhere I looked people were being patient, waiting there turn and a few nice people were even chatting and joking with strangers! Of course there were a few bah humbugs but not many. Maybe the tight times have made people realize what is truly important? Anyways I am posting tonoght to share a few of my Christmas cards. The only downside to having a super talented sister who designs cards is having to choose just one! I ended up going with four different styles out of the six she sent me.... here they are

sharla and collin 01
This is Kasen all the way or I should say was I think he has outgrown his silly faces a little:(

sharlas card 8

Sharlas card 6

sharlas card  02

All of these cards are designed by Tristi

Hoping all of you have a Merry Christmas!

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Anna said...

Those are awesome. You guys are too cute!