Another i ♥ faces post:) I love this site and would encourage any blogger who is interested in photography to join in the fun. Its fun to be able to challenge yourself with a new theme each week. This post is actually not a contest its called fix it Friday. Below is the original SOOC (straight out of camera) shot. It was submitted by Lindsey at Getting wild in the west. What a cute little guy!
fix it friday original
Now believe me I DO NOT think I am in any way photoshop savvy enough to be giving tutorials this is for people who are just learning (like me)
fix it friday
My first lets see If I can remember enough to explain! This was all done with photoshop CS3. First as I almost always do I went to Image, than Adjustments then Curves where I just bumped it up a bit. This lightens up the photo. Than using Pioneer Womans Actions (which I LOVE and use alot) I ran "fresh and colorful", than lowered the strength of the action ( I never use any action full strength).Than I made another layer (using the control, J shortcut)and used a paintbrush on his face to even out his skin tone, almost like putting on makeup.Than I adjusted the opacity of the layer so the paintbrush just barely showed up (a baby in full makeup is just not right).To get the color right with the paintbrush use your ink dropper tool and click on the face. After that I just slightly sharpened his eyes you can use PW's "bring on the eyes" or use the sharpen tool (the little triangle in the toolbar).Last but not least I used the burn tool (the little closed hand in your toolbar) at about 50%. Hope that made even a teeny tiny bit of sense
fix it fridaybw
All of the above except black and white of course. Also when I use black and white I always bump up the contrast
fix it friday originalseventies
Seventies action
So I like my first try the best. I think simple bright and sharp is usually the look I end up loving the most. I love photos that are timeless not something that is going to look outdated in a year. Of course it is fun to go crazy and be creative with photos sometimes to!


Anna said...

Wow, it's amazing what a little editing can do, hey? Good job!

Lindsey said...

Wow! Great edits! The 70's action is fun!

-Lindsey (Ben's mommy)

Catherine said...

I love them all!


Jeannine said...

Beautiful editing. Love number 2 and 4. Wish I could get my black and whites to look this nice. Well, I am still learning. I will get there.

Tristi said...

Amazing!! do you do that much editing when you do photo shoots? I didn't realize how much editing went into just one pic!