Jesus knows what I need...

Santa knows what I want for Christmas, but Jesus knows what I need.....I have had the lyrics to this song by Leigh Nash stuck in my head for awhile now! Our friend Jolene sends out a CD (isn't that a cool idea!)with her Christmas cards and this year this song was on it. I have caught myself more than once this Christmas season getting caught up in the busyness of it all. Getting crabby because were running late to a party or getting to caught up in needing to decorate or buy my Christmas gifts right this minute!! I am usually on the ball and have my gifts purchased, wrapped and ready under the tree the day I set it up. This year because of lack of funds;) I will have to wait until the money comes in to buy gifts...while I know the money will come and I will get my shopping done in time the "type A" in me is not happy with waiting! So there are my confessions.But lately I think God is slowly but surely changing my heart. I feel a peace I did not know my heart was capable of. I don't feel the stress and worry that I will not get it "all done" quite as strong. I know JESUS knows what I need and he loves me and will supply that need..ahhh this feels good.I want to celebrate the birth of Jesus this season, I want to love on people who need it so desperately,I want to spread joy to strangers rather than bustling by, so maybe a few extras won't be purchased but I know despite my crabbiness sometimes or worry wart attitude Jesus will supply me with all I need this Christmas.Nothing to do with me or what I want but what Jesus knows as my needs.

but thehe will

My card tree, I love this thing I found at a store going out of business sale for a couple dollars.
My precious little guy. He absolutely loved "helping" set up the tree. As I write this he is still sleeping and it is 11 am! He needed it so bad though he had such a busy weekend without one nap to speak of.


Tristi said...

Isn't it awesome when God can take all this bad economy stuff and turn it into good- I think a lot of people will be realizing whats really important this year- us included! Love the pic of Kasen :o)

Out in the Fields said...

Good thoughts, Sharla! I needed to hear that today as I dash from this store to that and get myself all in a bundle trying to do 20 things at once. I want to celebrate Jesus this season too and not worry so much about all the other stuff, cause its all JUST stuff.

jewels said...

i love your heart sharla!