moving on out

So if you noticed I have been kinda an un-inspired blogger lately your right:) We recently sold our house after just a few months on the market (Praise the LORD!!). I have been packing and cleaning and looking for a rental and all that other stuff that goes along with moving...I have so far discovered space saver bags (the kind you vacuum the air out of) are amazing, and we have alot of stuff we haven't used in ages. It kinda came as a surprise to me because I am constantly throwing stuff away.I HATE junk! My husband on the other hand is a pack rat and I think he has been secretly rescuing stuff from the garbage.

Just a warning the following pictures are not pretty...

and this is just one room!

My "helper"

UGH...lots of work but it's fun to. I have been sorting and organizing like a crazy woman.So the point of this post is I need your help! so pretty please give me all your moving tricks and tips :)


Molly Joy said...

Sounds like fun!! haha... not so much! My advice, from doing the same thing about a year ago... is when you find a place, put things where you want them right away instead of saying you'll finish this or that later when you're more settled! I realize some things have to be that way, but the more you put off, the harder it is to get them together later. I didn't have much of a choice as we moved 3 days before I went in labor with Skyler, but I'm still trying to go through things that I shoved aside to do later! :)

Out in the Fields said...

Mark your boxes (in VERY large letters)by the room that you want them put in, so when you have a bunch of guys running around asking you "where does this go?" you can look on the box and tell them!