color my world

So I'm not much of a crafter but here is my attempt at being crafty for Karens pink color challenge for February


A felted hair clip. I love felt it's so easy to work with.This took me about ten minutes to make.
I know I have been a terrible blogger lately with settling into our house I haven't had to much extra time on my hands. I'm hoping to post some before and after decorating photos as soon as I have my house done!! Can't wait to get back into a routine of normal life. I'm sure as soon as I start feeling settled in little baby girl is going to come along with a schedule of her own though!


Out in the Fields said...

good to see a post from you again! I've missed yours, but figured you must be busy settling in. Cute craft, 10 minutes to make and you could sell it for $3-5 its so original:)

Holly said...

Very cute!! I just made some kinda like those for Katiera:)

Tristi said...

Aww, so sweet!! You'll be needing lots of hair pretty's pretty soon!!