v-day 2010


So I've never been a big fan of Valentines day...well maybe back in the first grade when we made construction paper mailboxes and everyone in class gave a valentine..that was fun. But now not so much. I guess I always thought it was a made up holiday for people to spend money on cards, flowers and little teddy bears holding pillows saying " I love you". But lately I have been thinking it's not such a bad idea to have one day out of the year set aside to stop and reflect on a relationship. Maybe reignite some romance in a marriage where quality time has lately involved a movie once baby's gone to sleep:) Of course it shouldn't only happen February 14th...but romance is easy to put on the back burner sometimes. My sweet husband made plans for Kasen to be taken overnight tomorrow (thank God for M-I-L's). Maybe we will just stay home and enjoy the house to ourselves....finally get to sleep in! Or maybe go out for the night..we'll see what happens but whatever it is am looking forward to it immensely!!

*Just don't get me red roses. (if your reading this hubby).

Happy V-day everyone


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Out in the Fields said...

What a precious little boy you have:) It is good to be reminded to let people know they are loved, even if it can be a kind of cheesy holiday. I had a friend who went thru a divorce and the holiday that she had once thought cheesy made her cry and wish for someone to give her a silly card and candy. I always think of that and try to be grateful for what I have.