18 months

My little cutie is so not a baby anymore....Here is my attempt at a 18 month photo shoot...It's always kinda hard to take photos of your own kids. He does not listen to me when I try get his attention for the camera...it's kinda like my voice is background noise to him!



He is a sweet,kinda timid,kinda shy,smart,independent,silly little guy and I am so in love with him!

btw...Check out a few of my maternity pics on this super talented photographers blog..thnx Jennifer!


Jolene said...

Awe he's a cutie- like the 3rd shot. Saw the link for your maternity pics, SO PRETTY! That's gotta make ya feel good to go on there and see others comments, like she's so beautiful etc... I've checked out her work before, very cool!

Holly said...

So cute! I love the 1st one the best-he looks mischievous:)
Thanks for coming by and following me at The Peppered Pantry;)