getting it together

I have been busy,busy, busy cozying up my home! It's coming together and so far I am loving it. I feel like I have lightened it up alot but kept the warmth I loved in my last house.

Just some details. This is the base of a lamp I painted creme. It was a dark brown metal and I painted and distressed it in a few minutes. I probably didn't do it the right way but I am not a rule follower when it comes to craft projects... really what crafty person is;)?

My chairs came in from Debbies shop the other day. I love them there comfy and cozy and I think the fabric will hold up well (fingers crossed).
My recent Main st Station find. Only twelve bucks. Since I'm a little magazine obssesed I'm glad it holds a good amount!
My mind is always churning with ideas for decorating my house. I can't seem to concentrate on to much else lately! In case you haven't noticed I feel like I have been a lazy blogger lately.... But with spring here my creative side is slowly turning back to photography. I am imagining an engagement shoot in a field of flowers.Or a little girls photos in a orchard of apple blossoms....hmm now to find willing subjects:)


Out in the Fields said...

Gorgeous! I think it is exactly as you said, light but warm and cozy:)It's the kind of room I would love to spend hours in...but I promise I won't come over and camp out in your living room!

Windy Ridge said...

LOVE your house, Sharla! (Don't you just love nesting?:)

Kristin said...

Love that gorgeous throw pillow. Looks like a beautiful room!