Mother Bellamente's Sugo

                                                              Mother Bellamente's Sugo (sauce)       

I found this recipe in our family cookbook. I made it for dinner tonight and loved it! It is about as authentic Italian as you can get. I love that someone took the time to write these ingredients down for the rest of us. I'm sure "Mother Bellamente" (my great grandmother Emma) had this recipe memorized (hence the fact that there is not measurements)
Here's how it is written in my Grandma's words.

"Mother used to use an eye of round roast-browned in olive oil and garlic, then she would add water to the kettle and simmer for many hours. She would then dice up the roast, add canned tomatoes, canned mushrooms (if she had them), a dash of wine, sugar, basil leaves and tomato paste. This would simmer for the rest of the afternoon. We would usually eat all of it for our dinner with our pasta..."

                             My Grandparents Sylvia and Gordon on there wedding day in New York.
                          aren't they a good looking couple?

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Out in the Fields said...

I cannot believe that picture of your Grandparents!!! They really hardly look like themselves as i knew them in later years. How wonderful to have that recipe and know that it is your heritage.