Welcome to a average, ordinary day in my life.Watch out people this could get exciting..seriously...this may be the most interesting blog post you've read all day...I'm not kidding..

setting the scene: Mom (that's me) wakes up to baby Sylvie attempting to climb out of her crib, she greets me with a gummy grin and a soaking wet diaper that needs changing.We head downstairs to find Kasen has helped himself to breakfast (a bag of mini marshmallows which is now strewn all over the kitchen)....

                                                                             the cast of characters
                                          Me                                             Sylvie                                                 Kasen

After feeding the kids a nutritious breakfast...ok maybe a waffle with syrup isn't what some people would call nutritious but it sure beats marshmallows ( I think?). I tackle this...
 the toy closet that gets organized and destroyed at least once a day...nowhere near as pretty as this one but we are in a rental right now and I don't feel like painting....at least that's my excuse for now.

I cleaned my fridge and than shined the glass shelves using my new favorite Norwex polishing rag. I LOVE it. I use it on every glass or metal surface on my house. It gets everything so clean and shiny with no chemicals, just water!
I also love a clean organized fridge! I forgot to take a before pic but I'm sure you can imagine a dirty, packed full of old leftovers, fridge. At least I hope you can.

YES it bothers me to that the crescent roll packages are not turned in the same direction!

gotta take a few minutes out of the day to prettify the house a bit:)
My dad made this chalkboard and it hangs right by my front door with hooks underneath of it for jackets and such. I am trying to memorize more bible verses so I write the ones I'm memorizing on it so I can glance at it through the day.

                                                                             pretty new (fake) peony's from Target.

I chose not to photograph the vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, dishes, errands and laundry...I wasn't sure if you guys could handle all that excitement in one post.
Speaking of cooking try this for dinner tonight..I did and it was delicious. Actually anything on the Recipeaholic blog is good:)


Marisa T said...

Hi Sharla!
Just wanted to say hi and you sound just like my husband with your refridgerator! He has to make sure all the lables are facing the same way etc. so I just let him put everthing away after we grocery shop.
Hope all is well! Your kids are so cute.

Recipeaholic said...

I am glad you liked the soup! :) Looks like a fun day....and I have to just say I love the name Sylvie!