There's just something about a first baby. It's all the "firsts" combined I guess....the first kick, the moment when you feel the little life you've been carrying move around inside of you. It's actually a little mind blowing! The first ultrasound, the first time you hear your little ones heartbeat, and then there's of course the BIG moment the first time you get to meet your little boy or girl. I LOVE that moment (by the way if any of you prego Mommy's are willing to allow me to capture your labor and delivery on camera I would love to give it a try. It is something I have been wanting to get into for awhile now).
 Laura is having her first baby, a little boy. Her and Bryan are such a sweet couple and I'm so honored she chose me to capture this special time for her.

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Anna said...

aww...I love baby bumps..and they look like a sweet couple! Hmmm....if I ever have another baby, I might let you come shoot;)