russ & jemina

I'm so glad I get to count Jemina as a friend! She's the best kind of friend, the kind you can sit and chat with over coffee while you lose all track of time, the kind that gives unexpected gifts, and she's super creative so it fun to bounce ideas off each other. Her and her husband Russ celebrated there four year wedding anniversary today, and since they had never gotten professional photos together she asked me to shoot some for her. It was important to her to get the photos taken on their anniversary date. Isn't that a neat idea?

Having fun with photoshop graffiti. Jemina had the idea to do their names and wedding date on the wall. While it would've been cool to use actual graffiti (like with spray paint) we weren't quite willing to go as far as defacing property for a photo ;)


Holly said...

Very cute!! Love this idea:)

Lorinda, Bonnie, Donna, Sharlene, Darla,Barbara, Sharla, Kathy said...

wow! Great pictures of you two! cute couple..

Windy Ridge said...