The Matson's

I had the honor of attending the Matson family's reunion to take a giant family photo and also coming up to the family farm to shoot a more formal portrait later.
 I met up with Ronda a few days before the shoot to figure out the best locations to use on the family farm, and to discuss outfit ideas. I love the soft neutral color palette they chose I think it goes so well with the country surroundings. A little planning goes a long way! If they had chosen to wear whatever and shoot one quick pose these photos would not have that pretty "portrait" look.

 We took this photo to recreate an old photo they had of the family generations back in front of the house in this same pose. I wish I had the old photo to put side by side this one!

The whole family in their reunion tees :)


Out in the Fields said...

Love the one of the farm house in sepia and the one in the field...great look for a true farm family. Great job on the huge group shots!

Ms. Riss said...

These turned out great Sharla! Ditto on doing a great job on the big group shot. :)