So a while back I got so sick of the tiny little jungle of weeds that was my backyard in a fit of frustration at its ugliness I tore all the weeds up, scattered wild flower seeds and hoped for the best. The space is so small my kids never go back there and no one ever sees it so there was no point in planting grass or doing any real landscaping. Well I peeked back there today and saw all the flowers were in bloom and the colors were gorgeous! I picked a few for my latest garage sale find (a little glass milk bottle) and grabbed my niece Brielle to take some photos of among all the flowers.


Out in the Fields said...

How sweet! Wow, have her looks changed since I last saw her! She looks so grown up with all that long hair, if only our Brielle would grow some more of that:)

Anna said...

haha..Ella's sitting on my lap, pointing to these pics of Brielle and saying" Me mom, there's me!" lol and I agree with Karen her looks have changed! Sweet pics!