cole & telina

ahhh I'm on a wedding high! I had so much fun shooting Cole and Telina's fun, colorful, hot, beautiful, and fabulous wedding last weekend. It got me so pumped for the weddings I have upcoming. Bring it on! I think it was extra fun cause they are good friends of mine so I got to enjoy the reception with all my friends and shoot them also (with my camera of course). I have WAY too many photos ready to blog so I'm gonna try to whittle it down a bit but I'm not promising anything.;)

 girls getting glammed up

 Telina and her Mom. Telina's sweet niece Fiona. First dance as husband & wife.
 The boys and their cigars

Just warning you I may have to post more later!


Ms. Riss said...

Love these pictures and the colors! :) Awesome job!

Out in the Fields said...

Lovely as usual! Hope you don't run out of steam before Oct 8th:)