Clinton & Melissa part 1

Part 1: The formals. I hate that word it sounds so stiff but I can't think of a better one..the posed photos? The pre-ceremony photos? The wedding party photos?
  I flew across the country all the way to New Hampshire to photograph my cousin Melissa's wedding. I am so glad I did! I got to catch up with all the family members I haven't seen in years and of course visit my old haunts ( I lived in NH until I was eight). You can't drive 5 minutes there without passing a perfect spot for photos. I think that area is a photographers dream! Even though it was a working trip it felt like a nice little break. 
 Now onto the wedding. I'm not sure if I have ever seen such a well planned out event. So many beautiful details everywhere. Which is why this wedding will take two blog posts, because I love to photograph the details and I got a TON of photos.
 Pre-wedding silliness


Out in the Fields said...

Beeoouutiful! Love the gray and yellow theme, I've seen it a lot online but not with people I kind of know:)

Out in the Fields said...

AND love the apron one!!So retro and fun.

Anonymous said...

WoW! WoW! and WOW! Your pics are fabulous and so was the wedding. It was so detailed yet so relaxed. Just loved it. Pat Aho