ally & dustin's wedding

I have never been to a wedding like Ally & Dustin's...come to think of it I have never met a girl quite like Ally either. Fun, loud, carefree, sweet, creative, beautiful and unique. Yep that describes her, actually it also describes her wedding. I had an awesome time! I cried, laughed and of course danced all night (that isn't the norm when I photograph weddings but Ally is my niece)
 Some of the details. The wedding was held at my Mother and Father in-laws house (the same place me and Collin got married at). They had just built a brand new barn so the reception was held in that and the ceremony was out in the field facing the pond.
 So many talented people ( a lot of Ally's family members) came together to make the day extra special. One of her aunts did the flowers while another Aunt made the beautiful cake.

The inside of the barn. Stunning!

 The ceremony started just as the sun was going down. There were candles everywhere. It was so romantic it felt like a fairy tale! While the darkness made it more challenging for photos the effect in person was so beautiful and intimate. I think it being so dark out also cut down on guests taking photos during the ceremony which can ruin a lot of my photos (other peoples flash washing out my pictures, and guests leaning out into the aisle to take photos etc.) so that was a plus for me. Sorry if your one of those shutterbugs at a wedding but I have had countless photos ruined from this. :)

 And then we danced all night....Oh and I can't forget the highlight of the evening. The photobooth!

                   Congratulations Dustin and Ally! I am so beyond happy for you two! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you as a married couple. And I can't wait to meet the precious little babies you'll someday have (I know I'm rushing things a little but I just think it would be so cool to say I'm a great aunt at 26;)


Windy Ridge said...

Wow! I would expect nothing less from that creative family. I missed out:(. I wish I had been feeling better, I wanted to go so bad!
Beautiful photos, Sharla! Can't wait to see more:)

Kaia said...

Great photos as always! I like the color of her dress-it's not the WHITE like most people's :)