Decorating for Christmas

Thanksgiving is over I can finally feel free to deck out my house in all things Christmas! I love it I haven't (yet) gone as overboard as previous years but there's still time. I love finding new ways to use old ornaments and decorations. My swag of white berries on the fireplace is actually a wreath (unwound) that hangs on my wall year round. Last year I revamped my ornaments by covering them in sheet music. I also went to Targets after Christmas sale and bought a ton of decorations in my new theme of gold and cream for 75% off. I had forgotten all about it until I opened up my Christmas bin to find all the new ornaments!

 I love how my mirror card hanger thingy (for lack of a better word! It is just twine strung in a zig-zag over a mirror) turned out. Especially since in the reflection you can see the back of the cards that are printed on both sides. I love double sided cards but hate how once there hung you can't see the back. By the way you should all feel bad for me that I don't have a ton of cards yet so please send me some;)
 close up of the details.


Anonymous said...

Cute :) We got our outside lights up yesterday, and I strung white lights throughout the kitchen the day before. Plan to get the tree this week. I'm going to steal your Christmas card idea if you don't mind...usually I hang them on a long vertical ribbon on a wall, but I really like them on the mirror so you can see the back! We recently hung a big mirror in our nook so it will work great. Your house looks really nice & cozy! -Telina

Anonymous said...

I love it Sharla, it looks beautiful and cozy!! the cream wreath thingy is wonderful!
Heidi Matson

Out in the Fields said...

Very pretty and great idea to use things in different ways each year.