Chase and Dara engagement

What a good looking couple hey? This is my second to youngest sister Dara and her fiance Chase. They will be getting married March 31st and all of us girls are all atwitter with wedding plans and ideas (lots, and lots, and lots of ideas which me and my sister Tristi discuss at length and then forget about or maybe give up on and move on to the next  round of pintrest photos and dreams;) I know not all girls like to plan weddings and parties ( I certainly didn't have much interest in it when it came to planning my own wedding, which I regret now) but most do. I wonder why that is? It seems the bible has alot to say about weddings, brides and bridegrooms. Type in Bride on and tons of verses pop up. It seems pretty obvious that a wedding was and is a thing to be celebrated!

Let us rejoice and exult 
and give him the glory
for the marriage of the Lamb has come, 
and his Bride has made herself ready; 
Revelations 19:7

 I wonder if God put that joy in us that we get out of the celebration of love and the covenant of marriage as a tiny glimpse of the awesomeness of Him returning to receive us as his bride? Of the giant and beautiful party in heaven we have to look forward to? I recently read that we all as humans crave comfort and beauty in our surroundings because we all as humans crave heaven. And whether or not we realize it we crave Jesus. I have often wondered why would God put a love in me for all things creative, to make everything beautiful? I've felt like "do these gifts benefit anyone?". Maybe its simply a desire to be surrounded by the beauty of heaven and like a lot of things on earth its just showing us a tiny glimpse of what heaven has to offer?
Anyways excuse my rambling thoughts I forgot this was a post about Dara's engagement pictures:) 


Anonymous said...

Very cute Sharla, oh how fun for all you sisters to put so much into planning a family members wedding together.. that is a dream of mine... Blessings to the couple
Heidi Matson

Out in the Fields said...

Good words! And who is that handsome young man? Could that be my wonderful son?!