My girls

Little miss Piper Jane is here! She has actually been here for about 6 weeks now but life has been busy lately! I'm hoping to be able to post more here but we will see:) She has been the sweetest baby. She loves to cuddle and be held, but she rarely complains. She just sits there with her big blue eyes just willing you to pick her up and snuggle awhile. She is very rarely not held since she's just too sweet and I have learned this newborn season passes all too quickly...

Meeting their baby sister for the first time.

Sweet Sylvie who was just the baby and has now been dethroned loves her little sister passionately but has also had some trouble adjusting to her new position in the family. I took her photos the other day cause she needed some just me and mommy time. I'm glad I did because she is a non-stop digging, tantrum throwing, giggling, princess playing, 2 and a half year old tornado and I love that with my camera I can capture a few tiny moments of her life before she runs off to the next adventure.

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Out in the Fields said... precious! love the crown:)