I have recently decided it is time for me to choose a specialty. I will be focusing on children’s and senior portraits (I will be doing family and maternity shoots as well)  I will no longer be shooting weddings until further notice. It makes me kinda sad since I LOVE weddings but I have decided that in this season of life with very young children it simply takes too much time and energy away from my kiddos (and with three, ages 7 weeks, 2 years and 4 years I need all the energy I can get just to keep up with them every day!) Of course I will happily shoot the weddings I have under contract I just won’t be scheduling any more for now. I would love to shoot weddings again and will be for sure keeping up on techniques and skills to jump back into it someday. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer shoot me an e-mail and I will happily recommend some great photographers

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