Meet Tegan, she is a two year old little dolly who is an absolute photographers dream! Those big brown eyes and adorable face and not to mention the sweetest personality. She loves having her pictures taken and will march through prickers and thorns with no complaints and pose for you as long as you'll let her. I love this little cutie and her beautiful photos. I couldn't stop dreaming of this photo shoot while reading A Girl of the Limberlost awhile back (great book by the way, read it if you haven't)  Butterflies, flowers, sunshine and Tegan. A perfect combination.

“When they reached her she stood on the path holding a pair of moths. Her eyes were wide with excitement, her cheeks pink, her red lips parted, and on the hand she held out to them clung a pair of delicate blue-green moths, with white bodies, and touches of lavender and straw color. All about her lay flower-brocaded grasses, behind a deep green background of the forest, while the sun slowly sifted gold from heaven to burnish her hair. Mrs. Comstock heard a sharp breath behind her.
“Oh, what a picture!" Exulted Ammon over her shoulder. "She is absolutely and altogether lovely! I’d give a small fortune for that faithfully set on canvas!”
― Gene Stratton-Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost


Drew Helmes said...

Absolutely gorgeous! She could be a child model for sure and I love what you did with the whole theme:)

Anonymous said...


Phyllis R. said...

Too, too adorable for words!

Ashley said...

That first photo makes me want to cry...she is so beautiful!!