The hubby's big, crazy, loud and fun family reunion kicked off the 4th with a bang (Literally. Dang those were some awesome fireworks Jason!). A lot of family (300 was the last count I heard!) and apparently not even half of them are here. Three days of food, family, fireworks, and fun. The kids are loving it and have been going nonstop. I have a feeling from the little preview of a oncoming meltdown I got today one or two of my kiddos may just get "funned out" tomorrow but I'm praying tonight will be a night of great sleep for them and they will be able to enjoy the last day of reunion excitement tomorrow refreshed and full of energy.  We will be doing a super cute photo booth on Saturday and I will definitely be posting my fave photos here.
The photo-op dog. Doesn't he look so classic sitting in front of this old firetruck? I'm pretty sure all the photographers in the family snapped at least one photo of this guy:)

 The strawberry shortcake preppers quaintly framed by some old windows in "the chicken house".
 Now that's a family photo!
 iced coffee and fresh strawberry shortcake. yum.
 our own personal baristas
 Baby girl doesn't mind momma snapping a few photos.
 Of course there is always time for a photo shoot especially when you just stumble upon great props,backdrops and  super cute models.

 Just thought this was the most creative ashtray I've ever seen.
Looking forward to the fun tomorrow will bring.

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