Me and the three kiddos just returned from a quick overnight trip to Kah-Nee-Ta. The Husband stayed home and got two days of quiet to study and do homework.
 I met my in-laws at the campground for some fun and hot weather. Let me tell you it was HOT. Like hot, hot. Hot enough that I finally for the first time in my life saw a lighter explode. I was so excited! For years I have carefully hidden away any lighters I've seen exposed to the sun on hot days. Just in case. In the back of my mind I thought I was probably being silly but they REALLY do explode if they get too hot. It kinda felt like a good "I told you so" but to myself so not nearly as satisfying but I'll take it.
 I was not prepared for the heat and did not bring the right clothes but no matter we spent most of our time in swim-suits. 

                                                   We saw a lot of wild horses on the drive in.
 So much to look at. Luckily we where the only ones on the road for miles so I could stop for photo-ops. Also the ever practical, always has to beat his best time on road trips, hubby was not with us so I slowly, leisurely drove through and checked out the sites.
 Playing in the red dirt and making it mud. Letting the kids get as dirty as they please is the best part about camping right?

 Kasen and Parker on the golf course
Happy, diaper clad baby girl.
The long (made even longer by three little children who where NOT happy that we left and had no problem vocalizing this for two hours of the drive) drive home into the sunset.

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