a little lamb & my rambling thoughts

Photography for me is a journey. I go through creative spurts when almost every day I am dreaming up new shoot possibilities and shooting as often as possible. During my busy season I rarely shoot just for fun instead  all my creative energy is caught up in clients photos. There are lulls and quiet times when I don't pick up my camera for weeks, then it isn't too long and my fingers are itching to push that shutter button. It can be very difficult for a creative person to turn their talent into a job. Like writers block sometimes the ideas just don't flow or my ideas don't not mesh well with what my clients want for their photos. The most difficult part for me is the emotional attachment I get to the photos I take. Sounds silly, but the photos I take are my ideas, my talent, my heart. I can spend weeks editing a wedding, reliving each moment, smiling at the thought of the happy couple and praying over their marriage as I work. When I turn over the finished product (even after 5 years of doing this!) I get so nervous. Even if I love what I shot it so helps to hear that affirmation of "we love our photos" and "thank you!".  Putting your art out there for the whole world to see can be difficult thing for any artist. 
This morning after a little break from my camera we reconnected. I decided I needed a simple shoot. To get back to the basics of why I do this thing in the first place. I grabbed little miss Piper Jane (who happened to be wearing the cutest little lamb coat ever) and we headed out to the front yard to shoot some photos of my precious girl. Just me, her, and my camera.

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