a walk in the park

Me and Sharlene had talked a bit about doing some family photos for her in the summer. Well summer came and went and we never got around to actually scheduling them.;) So last Saturday we headed down to the Columbia riverfront to snap a few beachy photos. Well in case you aren't in the the know (as I was not) the riverfront is extremely cold and intensely windy in November. We attempted photos for about five minutes, while my baby screamed his complaints about the cold from the ergo, my fingers lost all dexterity, and the girls faces were completely covered in blowing hair. It was quickly decided we were giving up and heading over to Esther Short Park instead. I did manage to get a great family photo at the river which is totally a miracle. The blues and grays in that photo will go perfect in her pretty, airy house. But I am so very happy with these golden fall-ish photos at the park as well.

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