this little bunny

Over six years ago I was pregnant for my first baby, a sweet, smart boy we would name Kasen. My mother in law and I had so much fun setting up a beautiful nursery. It was such an exciting (and slightly scary) time. I had no idea that a few short years later I would be having my fourth and the thought of decorating a nursery would be the farthest thing from my mind. With four kids in a three bedroom house you just stick a crib in a corner in your room and call it good.
  We painted the walls the perfect blue, searched far and wide for rugs and a comfy rocker. We bought his crib bedding at Pottery Barn and on our way up to the register my mother in law spotted this sweet little cream bunny and threw it in with our purchases. If I had known how much love, washing machine rides, sick baby cuddles, and kisses this little bunny would get over the next six years I may have thought more of the importance of this purchase, My kids have never been attached to blankies or any other stuffed animals but all four of them have loved on (and left their mark on)  him. Here is to many more years and snuggles with this little bunny.

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