when your two

Most of the time life is busy, so so busy. I feel like I can hardly keep up. Kids go from cooing babies, to busy always underfoot two year olds, to tall 1st graders in the blink of an eye. Some days I sit back and look at the whirlwind of life swirling around me and think what happened!? I've just barely started this journey called motherhood why are these kids growing up on me already? And some days I follow them around with my camera. No props or pretty new outfits, no special locations just kids being kids and playing. They have no pretensions and are not looking to impress anybody. This photo of my Piper Jane speaks to me. Tells me "slow down Mama, I will not be two forever, someday I will put my own shoes on, someday you will not trip over me every time you turn around, someday I will not wrap my small arms around your neck and cling on for dear life, someday I will buckle my own seat belt and read my own bedtime story, someday I will be all grown up." 
Though this littles stage comes with challenges and exhaustion I just want to learn how to always savor the sweetness.

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