Jason and Brooke

Whoo-hoo finally found a day (actually late night) to catch up on blogging. Ahh, I am going to sit back and relax in this comfy office chair and get to work... 
Wait what's that I hear? Oh yes, the familiar sound of a child waking up in the middle of the night with a surprise stomach flu....ok I'm back. Baby is cleaned up and back to bed. 

I have been working hard trying to sneak shoots into every available second of sunshine we get here in the PNW. It's been cold, grey, and rainy (which to be honest I would be totally enjoying right now if it weren't for my desire to shoot sunny, warm photos) most of the time lately. Thankfully Brooke was able to switch her shoot day last minute and we got these great bright, cheery and so very fall family photos!  I'll leave you to enjoy them while I go patrol my
                                                                  house armed with essential oils, prayer, and clorox. 

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