meet you in the orchard

I may or may not have tried to convince my sweet friend Karen that it was probably going to rain on the date we had chosen for our orchard dinner party and that we should probably cancel. While the forecast did say rain (for about a second) that was pure laziness on my part. Luckily she convinced me otherwise. And I am so glad she did! If your dreaming of a hosting a party DO IT! It is a lot of work and it's sometimes hard to get your booty in gear and start planning but at least in the case of this party it was SO worth it! The weather turned out perfect for an outdoor party. 

Imagine Dean Martin playing on the stereo, the rustle of a warm breeze through the apple trees carrying with it the smell of delicious Italian food cooking, and the happy conversations of your awesome friends surrounding you, as you scroll through these photos. Just trying to set the mood. ;) 
 Karen's pretty little backyard orchard was already beautiful and set up with string lights so our main job was getting the tables out there (thanks Caleb!) , begging and borrowing kitchen chairs off our loved ones, and of course decor (oh and food, yeah that's a pretty important part of a dinner party).

 I stopped at our local dahlia farm and picked a few dozen. A inexpensive and gorgeous option for floral arrangements. Our talented friend Jolene came with place cards for each person (such a special touch to make each guest feel welcomed and appreciated).

And you can have the most beautiful event in the world but that means nothing without awesome friends to share it with! Thank you all so much for coming. Great company and good food. What more could you ask for?

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