Awhile back this summer my sister and I planned a impromptu photo shoot (which is something we do often) with a few days notice..or so she thought. I had told her I wanted to do a shoot in this gorgeous dress we had found while vintage shopping together. But of course her boyfriend  fiance had really had this photoshoot proposal idea in mind for quite awhile and I was lucky enough to be included. We headed out to a nearby field and started shooting. She had asked if she could get a few photos with him so she didn't think too much of him walking up to join us. I asked them to stand side by side and face me and snapped a few. And then the big moment. He turned and popped the question! I gotta be honest this was the most nerve wracking shoot ever! Trying to plan it to make it look casual and last minute, being paranoid my fully charged batteries would die and I would miss the moment (I may be a bit of a worrier).
They looked at me like I was crazy after all was said and done and we were heading home and I couldn't help but shout out "Melea, Chance is gonna propose tonight!" haha I was so worried I was gonna spill the beans it was such a relief to be able to shout those words freely;)
Now we get to all meet up in Mexico for the wedding this winter!!

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